SPSR article on the programmatic and institutional reconfiguration of Swiss national security

It is widely known that national security fields changed considerably in the last decades. Different from the late Cold War years, when they focused on military threats, were closely orchestrated by Defense Ministries and contained few international contacts, national security ‘systems’ today handle wide sets of dangers, draw on complex casts of actors across levels of government, and often maintain working relations with multiple foreign partners. But how did national security fields (re-)institutionalize precisely? This forthcoming piece in the Swiss Political Science Review draws on an unparalleled nationwide data collection effort to differentiate and map-out the Swiss security field’s programmatic and institutional evolution across functions, levels of public authority, and national borders.

Figure 1: Ministerial threat management practice Ministerialthreatmanagement

Hagmann, Jonas; Davidshofer, Stephan; Tawfik, Amal; Wenger, Andreas; Wildi, Lisa (forth.). The programmatic and institutional (re-)configuration of the Swiss national security field. Swiss Political Science Review. PDF